30 year old Staff Sergeant Kevin Pape died Tuesday Nov. 16th, 2010 when the Taliban attacked his unit during operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
Staff Sgt. Pape was assigned to Co. C, 1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment, at Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia.
He was killed by enemy forces while conducting combat operations in Konar Province, Afghanistan.
The Army Ranger graduated from Concordia High School in 1998.
Kevin is survived by his wife Amelia, and 3 Year Old Daughter, Anneka.
This site was built to do what we can to help Amelia and Anneka, and to honor Kevin as the person he was.  To celebrate his life, and to do exactly what he did so well, and would want us to do- Take care of his family.
Donations are sent directly to Amelia and Anneka.





Donation List

William Hivckok – Clearwater, FL
Clyde Long – Palm Harbor, FL
K H Gerlach – Belleair Beach, FL
Katherine Zimmerman – Charlestown, MA
Jeffrey Halseth – Bless you and your family – Bluffton, SC
Nate and Amy Wendell -  Louisville, KY
Gregory O Esmond – Fayetteville, AK
Linda Brooks – Nashville, TN
Kerryl Rowan – Victoria, Australia
Susan Johnson – Groesbeck, TX
Cassandra Leone – Savannah, GA
Michael Shinholser – Pooler, GA
Mary Pope – Vass, NC
Mark Iseler Family – Huntington, IN
Marc Pape’s neighbors Dupont Oaks Place – Ft. Wayne, IN
Dave Ermer – Savannah, GA
Bill & Rose Ehinger – Hoagland, IN
Mark & Ashley Whitaker – Thompson Station, TN
James Medical Softball Team – Ft. Wayne, IN
Mid-State Farmers Mutual Ins. Co. – New Haven, IN
Stan & Mary Jasinski – Danbury, CT
Fort Wayne Dental Group – Ft. Wayne, IN
David & Monica Woodard – Ft. Wayne, IN
Val & Jeff Vorndran – Ft. Wayne, IN
Ted & Juanita Lutton – Wooster, OH
Megan Kraft
Dan Gerardot – Ft. Wayne, IN
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Nancy & Robert Johnston – Roswell, GA
Gabriel Post Office Employees – Ft. Wayne, IN
Ven-A-Care of FL Keys, Inc. – Key West, FL
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Jill Cox & Dan Myers – Fishers, IN
Fort Wayne Corvette Club Inc. – Ft. Wayne, IN
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Stephen and Jaci York – Alexandria, VA
Rich’s Cafe – New Haven, IN
Coney Dog Cafe – New Haven, IN
State Bar & Grill – Ft. Wayne, IN
Turners – Ft. Wayne, IN
Chris and Nicole Chapman – Kevin, you will always be missed and in our hearts – Ft. Wayne, IN
Karen Eckert – Ft. Wayne, IN
Towne Meadow Elementary School – Carmel, IN
Jaclyn Haskell – Ft. Wayne, IN
Jennifer Carlson – Savannah, GA
Eva Taylor – Roswell, GA
Edward Weber – Roswell, GA
Logan Lewis – Stilesville, IN
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Jean Paske – With Love – Ft. Wayne, IN
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Jeanie M Wiggs – May God bless you! – Ft. Wayne, IN
Stephen Shields and Family – Austin, TX
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Eric and Ginger Gentzel – St. Petersburg, FL
Patricia Herrmann – Savannah, GA
Jamie Simmons – Hilton Head, SC
Troy Ahyo – Hilton Head, SC
Betty Quillian – Monroe, LA
Jeremy and Ashley Lepper – Bradenton, FL
Jamie Medlock – Bloomington, IN
Kari and Lee Barnett – We love you Amelia – Lillington, NC
Jack and Ruth Teeple – Louisville, KY
CJ, Patsy, Jazlyn and Jaci Johnson – Ft. Wayne, IN
Ben Ahrens – Tampa, FL
Betty Bergmark – West Lafayette, IN
Marc Pape – Ft. Wayne, IN
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Stephen Connor – Heartely sorry for your loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you. – Milford, CT
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Matt Bergdoll – Ft. Wayne, IN
Jemimah Nelson – Churubusco, IN
Brandon Anderson – Ft. Benning, GA
Janice Cleveland – we are so sorry for your loss – Riverside, CA
Mary Mesa – Haslet, TX
Matt Kruse – Felicity, OH
Glen and Cathy Nevogt – Ft. Wayne, IN
Thomas Saey – Chesterfield, MO
Richard Hendricks – Ballwin, MO
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Andra Cameron – Westfield, IN
Richard Barger – Washington, DC
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Margo Gallagher – Newburgh, IN
Dave and Julia Lindenschmidt – Indianapolis, IN
Stephanie Morgan – Los Angeles, CA
The Herron Family – Indianapolis, IN
Allen and Bethany Narkiewicz – Chicago, IL
Rachel Karcher – I’m sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers. To his beautiful wife and daughter, your husband/father made the ultimate sacrifice and I’m eternally grateful. – Ft. Wayne, IN
Cristine Muscari – Savannah, GA
Ryan Webb – Ft. Wayne, IN
Jessica Payne, Tifton, GA
Jo Hinrichsen – Secor, IL
Joe and Ericka Howell – Indianapolis, IN
Jacob Law – Eureka, IL
Ulric Sullivan – New York, NY
Jason & Oksana Veith – Ft. Wayne, IN
Susan Lamb – Ft. Wayne, IN
John Mickleburgh – My best condolences and a terrible loss for you and us all. John – Ft. Wayne, IN
John Lockwood – With heartfelt sympathy for your loss….. Christian Twyman & The Lockwood Family – Key West, FL
Catherine Grech – New York, NY
Doug and Heather Zenz – Van Wert, OH
Theresa Schwartz – Indianapolis, IN
Dave and Christine Nevogt – Indianapolis, IN